an expressive and extravagant serif typeface family


Royalis is an expressive and extravagant serif typeface family. It is characterized by a high contrast and dynamic features in the details, such as long terminals or deep inktraps. Royalis is available in three versions: a display version in six weights, a corresponding condensed version also for display applications, and a text version for body text in four weights. It also comes with all the corresponding italics. This makes Royalis versatile, especially for editorial, packaging, branding and advertising.


The wide range of weights and possibilities allows Royalis to be used variably. The thinner weights are characterized by their elegance, while the thicker weights captivate with their powerful contrast. They complement each other like the three musketeers once did. Be it the charmingly elegant Aramis, the sober strategist Athos, the powerful ruffian Porthos or the charismatic d'Artagnan, who led the group.


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The Weights


The Royalis family has a total of 32 weights, from extralight to black with matching italics, as Display, Display Condensed and Text versions. It can be used for large headline applications as well as for smaller body text.

The Character Set


The Garino family has a total of 1027 glyphs per font, including a whole range of features like languages, small caps, numbers, arrows, symbols alternates and many more, which makes Royalis suitable for many purposes.

The Languages


Royalis supports over 200+ latin based languages and includes an extended currency symbol set.

The Features


The Royalis family includes a lot of Open Type Features like tab figures, small caps, ligatures, fractions, alternates, arrows, numbers and many more.


The Stylistic Sets give you the opportunity to choose the best look & feel for your projects.

Arrows, circled and squared arrows and numbers


Royalis has an extensive range of circled and squared numbers. Thanks to Open Type Features and an easy system, the various designs can also be simply „written“ without first having to select them in a glyph palette.


The principle is easily explained: If a number is placed in round or square brackets, it will automatically be displayed in an outlined circle or square. If you add a period to the number, it is displayed in a full circle or square. The same principle also applies to the arrows. The arrows themselves are combinations of greater/less symbols with the various slashes or hyphens.


So you just have to type the following combinations. Only the standard ligatures have to be activated, which is the default in the most common graphic programs like Adobe Cloud anyway.

The Design Process


Already in the final strokes of the previous typeface Garino, the idea grew to draw a serif typeface with a strong character as the next project. Since I always like to try something new for myself with every new typeface, I tried to push the extremes as far as possible. The idea was to give the thickest width a very narrow counter and from there see how to go into the thin widths without losing too much characteristic. During the first trials, playful elements were also added directly, such as the long terminals and cut ball serifs, which give the appearance a more unique character. Likewise the rather deep indentations in the transitions, the so-called inktraps. These character features are particularly evident in the small a. Through these dynamic elements, Royalis also gained more and more extravagance, and the association with the musketeers grew.


While drawing the basic letters, I had the idea of testing a condensed version with the n and o as well. What I didn't think about was that this five-minute test, which turned out surprisingly positive, doubled my entire workload for Royalis. Because, I decided to draw the normal and the condensed version at the same time. This meant that my originally planned release date was blown up. But inspired by the Musketeers I took up the challenge.


To also get a haptic feel for Royalis, I took one of my favorite letters of this typeface, the R, drew it on wood and carved it to the size of a postcard. The resulting woodcut print became my New Year's card in a limited series of 100 unique pieces and also served as a first teaser at the same time. Therefore, it was also clear that the name must begin with R. Due to the extravagant shapes, the idea for the name "Royalis" was then not far.


During one of my last feedback rounds with my friend and colleague Marc Lohner, he said that the readability could become relatively good even in smaller sizes. He probably did not know what this short comment would trigger in me. Because, how could it be otherwise, I decided to draw a text version as well, which made the work on the typeface grow to a total of about a year. But the extra effort was worth it, because Royalis has grown to an impressive total of 32 fonts and can be used in a wide range of ways. It can be used for large headline applications as well as for smaller body text.


Even d'Artagnan could hardly achieve anything without his faithful companions. Therefore, my thanks go to a small but fine troop, which has stood by my side with advice and support not only since Royalis. Thanks to Marc Lohner, Moritz Kleinsorge, Anita Jürgeleit, Felix Braden, Guido Schneider, Johannes López Ayala, Dominique Kerber, Silvio Meier and Manuel Kreuzer. Because even in the lonely world of a type designer, it's one for all and all for one.

Licensing & Pricing


Royalis is starting at 40,-€ for a single style (desktop & web) for 1-3 users.

The family package (desktop & web) is starting at 249,-€ for 1-3 users.

Retailers may vary. Further license variations are available on request.


Our own shop is currently in the making. Until it is done, you can contact us directly, if you like to purchase a font or a whole family. Just write an e-mail to and let’s talk about your needs and the pricing.




Educational Licenses

If you are a student (currently enrolled at a college or university) and like to use our fonts for your projects, we will offer you a 80% discount. We would love to see your projects with our fonts. Just write an e-mail to and let’s talk about your needs and the pricing.

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Royalis is available at:

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